First thanks for all the financial donations given!!

“thank you for the use of a dermatome while we are here, it is greatly appreciated””Thank you for the Eyedrops that were sent with our last student missionary, they were really needed.”

“Thank you for the fetal dopplers that were sent from a physicain in southern California. They are used on a daily basis.”

“Thank the Lord and those He impressed we now have a great ultrasound machine!”


NEEDED is for a Chief nurse for the hospital.

Preferably a foreigner who speakers French and is male.

We think that would be best for the current time. We desperately need this.We also need Oxygen concentrators’, voltage transformers/regulators, and more hospital mattresses.

Items to pray for:
1- Infilling of Holy Spirit to the hospital workers
and especially us.

2- A sense of ministry amongst the hospital workers

3- Knowledge for more efficient ways to manage the hospitals money so that the workers can be paid their normal salaries


For those of you who mentioned wanting to give donations there are two ways:
For a tax free donation to a non-profit organization, send them earmarked for Koza Hospital, and if there is an area of specific interest mark that as well. Send to:
Adventist Health International
Loma Linda, CA 92354

To have it come directly to us, please earmark it for your specific interest, if any, then send it to:
Greg Shank
c/o Steve Shank
Box F
Summersville, WV 26651

We want to specifically thank all those hospitals and organizations who have already donated us MANY medical items to take to Cameroon. It is greatly appreciated. You have blessed us with many things for the people of northern Cameroon. Thank you so much for your generosity. Please pray for us often as we are in Cameroon these next 6 years. Also if any of you are interested in either helping out in Cameroon in any capacity please let me know.  Thank you all again for your prayers and support.
In His Care, Drs. Greg & Audrey and Sarah Shank