July 2005

Hello my name is Greg Shank. My wife, daughter and I are going at Gods call to Cameroon in western Africa. We are very excited to see the way God has been leading us. We are also very grateful for all you have done to make it possible. Your generosity is GREATLY appreciated. Without it we would not be able to go overseas to serve as we are now.

I would like to tell you a little about ourselves so you can know more about us and see how God has been leading us. I, Greg, am the son of a missionary. I grew up in Guam. My father worked in the Adventist clinic there and we moved to West Virginia at Gods leading when I was 8. I went to Christian elementary and high schools. Then went to Southern College in TN. Deciding that I wanted to be a physician, I took the appropriate courses and was fortunate to be accepted to Loma Linda University School of Medicine. This is where I met my wife. I subsequently did my surgical residency training in northern PA. My wife grew up in Connecticut and went to elementary and high school there. She then went to Mary Baldwin College in VA. She also went to Loma Linda University for medical school. We have wanted to be missionaries for a long time. Unfortunately we had to go through medical school without much help financially. This made it less likely to be able to go as missionaries with our church at the time. Recently generous help from LLU and others have made it possible for us to follow where we feel God is leading us, to Cameroon West Africa. We are very grateful for your generosity and pray that God richly blesses you for you gifts, both in this life and in heaven. We have started a mission letter that we plan on sending out periodically. Koza Cameroon currently does not have any communication. I do hope to be able to send emails from the town about 2 hours away. So periodically you may receive updates on how we are doing, and hopefully will be encouraged in your walk with Him. I will send you the first three letters we have sent out so far. I pray you are uplifted by them.

Our prayers and Gods love, Drs. Greg, Audrey, and our daughter Sarah