It has been three weeks now that we have been in the US. We have been in WV, CT, PA, NY. We are soon to go to Maine, Phoenix, Seattle, and Spokane.
God has blessed the hospital and us in our absence. First, We left the hospital without physician coverage. We had contacted people to find a doctor for the past 6 months. No one was available that we were aware of. After leaving there, God provided a doctor. One week after leaving Koza, Dr. Jason Lohr wrote from Ile Ife, Nigeria saying there was a physician who could come. He arrived there a week later, and is covering the hospital.
Second, we are trying to get a land title for the hospital property. Apparently this is not found anywhere. A cell tower was placed on the land without benefit to the hospital because of the lack of a title for the land.. We are concerned about other land encroachment possibilities too. So to ensure this does not happen further we are starting the process for the land title again. The man who was to come survey the land asked excessive sums of money (corruption) to do his job and refused to come out to Koza to perform the task. Eventually, with numerous meetings with his boss, he came out and after many problems with him, he has finish the survey. We are now waiting for the paperwork he is creating.
Third, the work at the hospital is progressing. Usually during our absence the hospital has very few patients. This time, there are around 30 patients still in the hospital and so finances are less sparse than in years past during our absence.
Fourth, different construction projects are reaching an end. With the help of the Loma Linda University Medical Auxiliary, two toilet buildings were built that can be emptied when full. And buildings in the back of the hospital were refurbished to be housing for visiting students or single people. A couple years ago a tin roof covering was built over the worship/meeting area. Some construction needs that remain are: rewiring the entire hospital from original wiring, and building a large visitors house with multiple different rooms under one roof, and a deluxe private room (for more wealthy clients). Thanks to the Medical Auxiliary and others, the money is available to rewire the entire compound. All we need now is someone willing to do the work. If anyone know of an electrician or electrical engineer, who would be willing to come and evaluate the wiring and tell us what kind of wiring (size, length, kind…) we need, please let me know.
We have seen God’s continued intervention in our lives and in the functioning of the Koza Hospital. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are often frustrated and seeing His working, encourages us to continue. Thank you. Greg

#126 Shanksteps

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